Why pay attention to eyelash cleaning?

First — and most important, for most people — is lash retention. If lashes come into contact with a lot of oil (whether it’s naturally occurring in the skin, or products that contain oil, such as micellar waters, oil-free makeup removers, waterproof makeup, and other skin care products), they usually don’t end up well. This is especially true if you don’t use a foaming cleanser to remove oil on a regular basis, because eventually it can start to degrade the adhesive, resulting in poor lash retention. Clean lashes last longer!


Second – eyelash health (which also affects eyelash retention) – when skin cells, makeup and oil/sebum build up on the lash line, some fun little creatures called Demodex (aka eyelash mites?) will host a show Big parties, which can lead to irritated lash lines, blocked follicles and lashes falling out. So clean those peepers and make sure your lash line isn’t a real feast for lash mites!

Third – comfort. Eyelashes that aren’t cleaned properly (where skin, sebum, oil, and sleep build up) can itch! The lash extensions shouldn’t feel like anything – so if your lash line feels a little itchy and irritated, better care may be needed. Cleaning your lashes every day will make them feel lighter.

Our salon offers a wide variety of aftercare products, including foaming cleansers, makeup removers, and eyelash growth serums (completely safe for lashes and works great!)

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