Why Choose Siberian Mink Lashes?

Why Choose Siberian Mink Lashes?

There are many eyelash styles on the market, including mink eyelashes, chemical fiber eyelashes, and man-made fiber eyelashes. But why choose mink eyelashes?Beimimr Lashes is a professional Mink Eyelash Vendors,let me tell you why choose mink lashes.

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1. There Are No Worthy Replicas!
No faux lash material on the market is able to perfectly replicate real Siberian mink. You’ve heard false claims that because faux mink or silk lashes also have tapered tips and are of different lengths, they look just as good as the real thing. Not a chance, my Royal Lashaholics! Siberian mink lashes have 2 unique features listed in that simply cannot be achieved with regular synthetic false eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, faux mink or silk lashes, the latest lash length and volume building mascara or other cheaper real mink types!

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2.No Chemicals or Dyes
Beimimr Lashes uses mink fur from shedding black live minks whose fur is so naturally rich and deep in colour and glossy in surface that no artificial treatments are required to bring out their eye catching allure. And because the same pair of Siberian mink lashes is not meant to be worn for years at a time, long-lasting fur preservation treatments are not required, either. You are getting naturally sterilized elite black eyelashes that are suitable even for sensitive eyes!

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3. Luxury Without Cruelty
The real mink fur used to create the luxurious lashes is obtained by gently brushing live minks at free-range farms in Siberia, Russia during mink shedding seasons. No animals are hurt in the process. Siberian minks are meticulously cared for and well fed in a free-range environment by their farmers. Because the finest quality fur comes from the finest care, farmers must adhere to the minks’ nutritional requirements that vary during the growing and reproductive periods, as well as strict governmental and agricultural regulations to guarantee the highest standards of humane care. All raw fur materials are imported from a Siberian region where the highest quality mink fur available on the global market comes from. The Siberian mink lashes are then assembled by hand in the Beimimr Lashes manufacturing facility in Asia.

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