Why Choose Beimimr Lashes To Do Lashes Business In 2021?

Why Choose Beimimr Lashes To Do Lashes Business In 2021?

2021 has come, how will your eyelash business be done in the new year? Do you find a Lash vendor?Do you know which eyelashes will be popular this year? As long as you know these, then you can grasp the customer’s preferences, and naturally you can sell your eyelashes very well.

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Some people will ask why we know this? Because we are a professional Mink Lash Vendors, we have sold nearly a million pairs of eyelashes all over the world within a year. Through customer needs and data comparison, we know which eyelashes are more popular with customers.

《Why Say Innisfree Lashes Are High Quality Mink Lashes?》

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《What Are The Most Popular Eyelashes?》

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Eyelashes of 25 mm are a very popular eyelash length, suitable for casual occasions. For example, parties, parties, and travel can wear 25mm mink eyelashes. Mink eyelashes are light and comfortable. Even the exaggerated length will not make people feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, they will be so comfortable that they forget the existence of eyelashes. And 25mm eyelashes are more dramatic, curled and fluffy.

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16mm mink eyelashes are also very popular eyelash styles because they are natural. It’s just like your own eyelashes, but more encrypted and more attractive eyes. These eyelashes are suitable for any occasion, whether you are going to work or school, you can wear our mink eyelashes, because it will only make you more beautiful.

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