What You Need To Know Before Applying Eyelashes?

What You Need To Know Before Applying Eyelashes?

If your beauty procedure includes curling eyelashes and applying multiple layers of mascara, you may be wasting precious time.

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Eyelash extension, semi-permanent fiber, individually applied to each of your natural eyelashes, allowing you to have longer and fuller eyelashes, and enhance your overall appearance by lifting, lengthening and opening your eyes.

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These fibers-usually synthetic fibers, man-made mink or silk-come in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 6 mm to 18 mm, and some crimp widths are available. For the full set, most people need 80 to 150 eyelashes to create a natural fullness.

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It sounds very time-consuming. Why not use false eyelashes instead?

Most people don’t realize that applying eyelash extensions is an art, not one size fits all. Because everyone’s face shape and bone structure are different, women must understand that grafting eyelashes can enhance their natural eyelashes.

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So how long can the grafted eyelashes last?

The application is expensive ($105 for the most basic full set) and does take some time-ranging from one to two hours depending on the quantity required-but if properly treated, eyelash extension should last up to six weeks

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The natural growth cycle of hair will fall off with the natural growth cycle of hair, usually once every six to eight weeks. Supplements are a good way to extend the life of eyelashes, and it is recommended to do it every two to three weeks.

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Is there any way you can extend this time?

Because eyelash extension applies to your natural eyelashes and follows your natural hair growth cycle, they will eventually fall out no matter what you do. But you can take some steps to avoid premature breakage.

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After application, stay away from steam and wet eyelashes for the first 48 hours. Of course, you can wash your face and bath-just make sure that no water touches your eyelashes

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When applying eyelashes, do not use oily products and heavy creams around the eyes. And throw away mascara-especially waterproof mascara-because it is difficult to remove and can cause breakage

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You should also avoid rubbing your eyes, using mechanical eyelash curlers, and standing under the shower head for long periods of time.

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But it’s not about what you can’t do. In order to keep the eyelash extension cord in its best condition, you should often brush it gently with a spool and then apply the conditioning essence. Richardson said that you should also sleep sideways and use silk or satin pillowcases to prevent dryness or entanglement.

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