What Are The Side Effects Of Eyelash Grafting?

What Are The Side Effects Of Eyelash Grafting?

What Is Eyelash Extension?

Unlike false eyelashes, eyelash extensions are a longer lasting solution to beautify eyelashes.
Eyelash Extension is a single eyelash in which a professional beautician or beautician inserts one eyelash into your eyelashes at a time. Eyelashes are made of natural materials (such as silk or mink) or synthetic plastic fibers.

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Eyelash extension eliminates the need to use mascara. You can also choose the makeup you want, from thicker and longer eyelashes to full, luxurious charm.

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Side Effects Of Eyelash Grafting

Eyelash extensions look great, but there are also potential risks to your skin and eyes. It is very important to choose experienced and licensed technicians and check the hygiene conditions of the salon.
Taking these precautions will help you avoid infection due to unsterilized tools or rash use of adhesive by technicians.

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It is also important to close your eyes during the procedure to prevent adhesive or adhesive vapor from entering your eyes. This can cause reactions ranging from tears to severe burns.

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Side Effects On Skin And Eyes

The glue used to adhere the eyelash extension liquid to the eyelashes includes chemicals and ingredients that may be irritating or harmful. If you have a reaction to the chemicals used in this process, you may experience side effects within two to three days.

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These Side Effects Include:

Bloodshot eyes
Redness and inflammation of the eyes or eyelids
Swelling, which can be serious

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Side Effects On Eyelashes

Grafting eyelashes can also cause eyelashes to break or become thinner. If you don’t tug or tug or rub your eyes, you can avoid this to a large extent. The gentler the treatment of eyelash extensions, the less likely it is to damage the eyelashes.

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Please keep in mind that during the procedure, your lower eyelashes and lash line will be covered by a cushion, which may also have adhesive. Your technician will work on and around your eyelids. Although it is not a side effect, it is worth remembering for your comfort.

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