What Are 6D Eyelashes?

What Are 6D Eyelashes?

6D eyelashes are Wholesale Lashes that look more fluffy, messy and curly than 6D eyelashes. We used to make 3D eyelashes, and now we start to produce 6D eyelashes, mainly for the United States.

6D mink eyelashes are Wholesale Lashes made of mink fur, which are fluffy, messy and curly. As a professional Mink Eyelash Vendors, we use 100% mink from Siberia, because Siberian mink is softer and more shiny. It is the best raw material for making 6D mink eyelashes.

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Why Do We Use Mink Fur To Make 6D Eyelashes?

There are many raw materials on the market, such as human hair, horse hair, synthetic hair, mink hair and so on. However, mink hair is the best.

Eyelashes made of human and horse hair, and even artificial hair, are difficult to comfort. The mink is soft, comfortable and shiny, and it is not easy to change its shape when faced with a press.

Therefore, we decisively choose mink fur as the raw material. Our goal is to make our customers wear the most comfortable and healthy eyelashes!

6D mink eyelashes are stronger and stronger than other materials. Therefore, we are a qualified Wholesale Lash Vendors, we only focus on the best material-mink. Only in this way can we produce the best mink eyelashes for our customers.

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Where Can I Find A Wholesale Lash Vendors Of 6D Mink Lashes?

As you know, China is the first country to manufacture and use false eyelashes. The history of eyelashes originated in Chinese Peking Opera. Initially, artificial eyelashes were used in art, but later, their function is not only to achieve the purpose, but also to bring women’s confidence and charm. Nowadays, wearing eyelashes to fully reflect the beauty of women has become more and more popular, and artificial mink eyelashes have become one of the indispensable things.

China is the largest Wholesale Lashes manufacturing base, where you can find many eyelash companies and Lash Vendor. You can choose anything here. The Best 6D Mink Lash Vendors in the world are made in China.

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Lashes Vendor from China have mature experience not only in the production and technology of line materials, but also in design, Eyelash Packaging and transportation. All of these can help you successfully develop 6D mink eyelashes business and quickly occupy market share. More importantly, Chinese companies have a competitive advantage in price.

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Beimimr Lashes is a trustworthy, comprehensive and professional mink fur wholesaler, and also a top mink lashes wholesale factory in Qingdao, China. We are one of the best mink fur wholesalers in the United States. Beimimr Lashes specializes in 20MM 6D mink (dramatic style), 25MM 5D mink (dramatic style).If you need any lashes,plz feel Free to contact the whatsapp number +8613335013473

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