Virgin Brazil Body Wave Real Hair Wig

Virgin Brazil Body Wave Real Hair Wig

What Is Virgin Hair?

The Virgin Hair is completely in its original condition, intact and without any chemical treatment.

Virgin hair refers to hair that is completely unprocessed and intact. To qualify for original hair, it must meet strict standards, including not perming, dyeing, dyeing, bleaching, and chemical treatment in any way.

Virgin hair usually comes from young women, so there is no gray hair or split ends. When choosing original hair, the hair donor must have long and complete healthy Human Hair.

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Virgin Hair Vendors

Virgin hair is more expensive than Remy Hair. It can stay longer and look more natural. You should treat it like your own hair.

What Are The Advantages Of Virgin Hair?


You can choose where you want to go and change your style. You can change your hairstyle and color. You can treat virgin hair like your own hair.

Wholesale Hair Vendors

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

Natural appearance:

Virgin hair is 100% Human Hair. All hair strands are facing the same direction, which is unlikely to cause tangles.

No matter how you apply them, these units will fall off like your own hair and outline your face.

Wholesale Hair Vendors

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

Don’t worry about hair loss:

The hair of a virgin is composed of thick strands that are not easily broken. The strands are flexible and their volume remains the same, so you can easily comb them without worrying about hair loss.

What Is Remy Hair?

Remy Hair is collected and sorted from various sources, and the root and tip move in the same direction to ensure that the cuticle is not tangled or dull. Remy hair is not considered raw hair, it is still 100% real hair, but it is processed after harvesting from the donor. Remy Hair is collected directly from the hair donor, and the cuticle is still intact. Remy’s hair is often damaged by chemical treatment or excessive combing. Remy Hair is only slightly processed, so Remy Human Hair should be used for a lifetime under regular maintenance. All virgin hair is Remy hair, but not all Remy hair is virgin hair.

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Which is better?
Virgin hair is completely natural human hair that has never been treated or subjected to any chemical treatment when collected, such as perming, dyeing, and dyeing. Virgin hair is better and more expensive than Remy Hair.

Remy Human Hair is not primitive human hair. It is collected from different donors and may be processed. This is the main difference between Remy and virgin hair. Remy Hair is cheaper.

Both are high-quality human hair. You can compare them according to your budget and hobbies.

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