One-Stop Service For Customized Eyelash Packaging

One-Stop Service For Customized Eyelash Packaging

Beimimr Lashes is the best Mink Lashes Vendor and Custom Eyelash Boxes manufacturer. Founded in 2006, we have more than 200 skilled workers and designers who specialize in high-quality best 3D mink eyelashes. We have many years of OEM/ODM experience and can provide you with customized eyelashes, private label and private label Eyelash Packaging, and DIY Eyelash Packaging.

Custom Eyelash Boxes Eyelash Packaging

Company Profile

Beimimr Lashes is a Lash Vendors of high-quality mink eyelashes and a manufacturer of customized packaging boxes, providing nearly 144 styles of luxury customized eyelash boxes with perfect quality! Beimimr Lashes provides Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes, custom eyelash boxes, American custom eyelash packaging, custom eyelash packaging with custom trademark packaging boxes, beautifully printed, diverse styles, and won customer recognition. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system, the company’s integrity, The strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry.

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Custom Lash Boxes

we have our own factory:
Eliminate middlemen, cooperate directly with manufacturers, product quality is reliable

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Excellent equipment:
Excellent equipment to meet demanding printing needs
Design team:
Our own design team, so you don’t have to spend expensive money to find the help of a design company

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

Production team:
We have many years of production experience and can easily respond to the different needs of the industry

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Excellent materials:
Using domestic and foreign high-quality materials, the interior and surface of the product are bright, and the product quality is reliable

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

Accurate color registration:
Introduce high-quality equipment and domestic high-quality inks to make the products shiny and eye-catching

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

Smooth surface:
The die-cutting is smooth, the incision is smooth, the inner and outer colors are consistent, the shape is beautiful and generous, and no gaps are left.

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Cheap Custom Eyelash Boxes

1. Do you customize the sample packaging box?
If you can accept that there is no mark, we can send you a sample of 1 box for inspection. We do not provide samples of the Eyelash Packaging Box with the mark because the production cost is too high.

2. What is the minimum order quantity for a customized luxury eyelash packaging box?
A minimum order quantity of 30 pieces with your logo or brand name is a great policy, no Eyelash Box Vendors can offer such a low MOQ worldwide.

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Custom Eyelash Box Packaging

3. How to design a logo?
We have a professional design team that can design the logo you want for free.

4. What is the price?

Please contact me on WhatsApp: +8613335013473 to get your own Luxury Eyelash Packaging Box and make your perfect brand dream come true.

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Lash Packaging Vendor

5. How much is the freight?
It is based on the weight of the cargo.

6. How to place an order?
WHATSAPP: +8613335013473 Contact Abby to get the logo and order, we will give you a quote and send you a Paypal invoice with order details.

7. I don’t like your samples.
I have my own design of Eyelash Box style and LOGO. How to customize? We can customize your exclusive Wholesale Eyelash Packaging box, with your logo MOQ for 100 pieces. 15 days custom time.

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendors

8. What is our payment method?
Dear, if you are sure you want to buy and need to pay, don’t worry, we have a variety of payment methods, you can directly use paypal to pay or use Western Union, of course, if you are worried about our inaccurate delivery or other after-sales issues , You can choose our Alibaba credit protection order. This will protect your rights and buy our eyelashes.

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Custom Lash Box Packaging

9. How long is our delivery time?
If you are an individual buyer, order the boxes in small quantities, we will prepare the products you need within 3 days and ship them to you. The shipping time will send the box to you within 3-5 days.

If the wholesaler needs to customize a large number of boxes, our delivery will complete the production of the boxes within 5-7 days, and the boxes will be sent out on the day of completion, and the delivery time will be within 3-5 days.

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