New Eyelash Trend-Wholesale Magnetic Eyelashes

New Eyelash Trend-Wholesale Magnetic Eyelashes

1. What Are Magnetic Eyelashes?

Magnet eyelashes are band-shaped Eyelashes Magnetic instead of Eyelash Glue. You can use a Magnetic Eyeliner to easily stick it on your eyelashes.
There are many materials for Magnetic Lashes on the market. Such as magnetic mink eyelashes and artificial mink magnetic eyelashes.

Magnetic Lashes

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And artificial mink eyelashes are much cheaper than Magnetic Mink Lashes. If you choose magnetic eyelashes, you should buy a magnetic eyeliner instead of eyelash glue.

Custom Eyelash Boxes

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2. How To Apply Magnetic Eyelashes?

You should cut off the extra part of the strap so that the strap will match your eyes well.
Then draw eyeliner on your eyelashes so that your magnetic eyelashes can easily attack the eyeliner.

Magnetic Lashes

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3. Why Are Most Of The Magnetic Eyelashes Natural Eyelashes?

  • Most of the magnetic eyelashes are natural eyelashes, because natural eyelashes are short and light. If you choose 20mm and 25mm dramatic eyelashes, you need to add more magnetic blocks. So the weight of eyelashes will be much heavier than natural eyelashes.

Magnetic Lashes

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  • The magnetic eyelashes can be easily removed.
    So if you want to order magnetic eyelashes, be sure to choose natural eyelashes.
  • Magnetic eyelashes do not need to use fussy eyelash glue and liquid eyeliner, but are connected by two magnetic strips, which are stuck on your natural eyelashes in a few seconds, thus creating beautiful eyelashes without worry.

Magnetic Lashes

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Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe?

We can tell you with certainty that yes, in general, magnetic eyelashes can be safely used around the eyes. Magnetic eyelashes are better than using traditional false eyelashes because you do not need to apply glue near the eye area. “I have seen girls whose eyes are stuck with glue. That’s painful!”

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For Safer Use Of Magnetic Eyelashes

1. Read the instructions on the package. Whether you are a professional applying false eyelashes or not, each kit is unique and has its own set of instructions.
2. Don’t share your eyelashes with friends. Make sure you keep them clean so you don’t infect your eyes, and wash your hands before handling anything close to your eyes.
3. Remove them before going to bed. If you do not clean your eyelids well, or do not remove makeup and false eyelashes, you may be infected with eye diseases

Magnetic Lashes

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