Multifunctional Popsicle Ice Roller

Do you know what is ice roller?Do you use that before?It is a very popular beauty tool right now. and has many functions.

【Multifunction】The Ice Roller For Face is suitable for all skin types,stick with using on face can brighten skin.remove fine lines,the face will smooth,white and tender skin.this Ice Roller will also tighten and shrinks pores,eliminates eye puffiness and eye bags,prevent wrinkles.

【Customize recipes】The Ice Face Roller can customize different recipes according to your skin needs, for example Green Tea for Inflammation,Lemon water for Brightening,Cucumber water for Eliminate Puffiness and Rose for Anti-aging benefits.

【Safety and Health】This Ice Face Roller is made by highest quality silicone materials,safety and durability. Suitable for all skin types.Can be used after facial treatments to help calm, soothe and reduce inflammation. Can also use to Physical cooling of fever, relieve pain for muscle strain or tension.

【Easy to use】This Face Ice Mold is very comfortable to hold,small and light design,easy to use and grasp, also the Facial Ice Roller head can slide on the improves skin gloss and leaves you glowing, and can also be refreshes and brightens & lubrication skin, making your skin more elastic and contraction.


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