Meet Beimimr Lashes: The World’s Most Natural-Looking Mink Eyelashes

Meet Beimimr Lashes: The World’s Most Natural-Looking Mink Eyelashes

Everyone is talking about authentic mink eyelashes these days! Once available only to the Hollywood “royalty”, they are quickly taking over the market and becoming the revolutionary go-to beauty product for not only A-listers but also non-famous beauties such as yourselves. Now you can have longer, more voluminous and glamorous natural-looking eyelashes in a matter of minutes! Beimimr Lashes’ 100% authentic cruelty-free Siberian mink eyelashes are a truly royal treatment for your eyes that doesn’t break the bank!

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Unlike some other brands that use low quality mink fur or faux materials mixed with real mink, Beimimr Lashes selects only the highest grade of authentic cruelty-free Siberian mink fur, known for its stronger durability, softness and natural glow. Beware the impostors who have tried to imitate this premium type of mink product, and choose the authentic Beimimr Lashes brand today!

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Similar thickness to human eyelashes but fuller and longer! Beimimr Lashes features an individual lash thickness of about 0.10mm helping your own lashes blend seamlessly with mink eyelashes.

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Tapered eyelash tips. Real mink eyelashes perfectly mimic the delicate tapered tips of human lashes for an extra believable effect. (Human hair lashes have straight cut edges.)

The perfectly imperfect shaggy curl. Only real mink eyelashes can replicate the uneven curvature of human eyelashes giving the falsies a more natural appearance.

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Significantly superior to the synthetic or even human hair imitators. No other false eyelash material on the market is as soft, delicate, fluttery and believably natural-looking as real mink.

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Reusable Up To 25 Wears!
Authentic cruelty-free Siberian mink eyelashes are known for their durability, despite being delicate and fluttery. With proper care, Beimimr Lashes can be reused 25 times, making them the best value on the prestige beauty market today! Each use of Beimimr Lashes is like getting pure luxury at a cost lower than a pair of cheap synthetic falsies from a drugstore!

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