Look great on your wedding day with Beimimr Lashes’ eyelash extensions

Many women dream of the perfect wedding. This is undoubtedly the most exciting time of your life, involving a lot of detail and planning. In the pursuit of perfection, you end up spending months thinking about the details; your bridal gown, decor, theme and color scheme, guest list, menu, etc. The list seems to be endless.

Of all these things, looking the absolute best should be one of your top priorities. While makeup will definitely elevate your wedding day look, having thick lashes is just what you need to take your look to the next level.

If you want to show off gorgeous, thick lashes to accentuate your eyes, then eyelash extensions are definitely the way to go. Since lash extensions don’t follow a one-size-fits-all rule, brides can completely customize their lash extensions look for their wedding.

Why eyelash extensions are great for weddings
Most brides-to-be and makeup artists usually opt for false lashes, however, professional lash salons will argue that lash extensions are the best option for the big day. That’s why eyelash extensions save time and are easier to manage.

In general, eyelash extensions are great for women who want to maintain a low-maintenance look in the morning. We know how busy the host’s wedding is; therefore, saving time on makeup on the wedding day can be very beneficial. What better way to save time than to get a gorgeous, low-maintenance extension from Beimimr Lashes?

When you visit your makeup artist, it often takes hours to get the final wedding look done. They treat your hair and makeup meticulously to help you achieve the perfect wedding look. It takes a lot of time to enhance the beauty of the eyes. If you opt for eyelash extensions ahead of your special day, your eyes will have a fuller look. Your battle is half won!

What’s more, not only will you look stunning with synthetic lashes during your wedding, but it will also help you get ready for your honeymoon. So whether you’re diving in the pool or skydiving, your luscious lashes will stay with you for at least 2 to 3 weeks. They don’t come off suddenly when you’re in all the fun and adventure. Plus, you don’t have to keep your sweetheart waiting while you spend hours putting on mascara, eliminating the need for excess makeup.

They look great in wedding photos
Long, fluffy, thick and luscious lashes always make eyes appear bolder and bigger; that’s why ladies opt for this technique before their wedding! If you like a natural look for your wedding, then the classic eyelash extension kit is the way to go. They will make your eyes look lively and beautiful in your wedding photos, and take a back seat to tired, tired eyes from pre-wedding stress.

Plus, if you happen to get emotional and shed a few tears on your wedding day, there’s no black streak to ruin your look. Once you’ve embraced lash extensions, you can say goodbye to false lash strips and mascara and enjoy your effortlessly flawless lashes.

You can customize the look of your lashes
Unlike false lashes or ribbon lashes, lash extensions can be customized to enhance the shape of the eyes and face. Each lash look is perfectly designed for the client; you can choose the right lash length, curl, color and thickness to adjust or enhance your natural lashes. If you want to add more volume and drama, then a full set of curling lash extensions might be the way to go.

The eyelash stylist decides the final eyelash appearance after considering the client’s needs and judging the condition of the natural eyelashes.

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