Just Let Me Know What You Need

Just Let Me Know What You Need

Beimimr Lashes has been engaged in the mink eyelashes business for many years, but with the new changes in people’s aesthetics and the development of fashion, we keep up with the trend of the times and constantly launch new eyelash products and other makeup tools and other products, and we also start to involve in clothing.

In eyelash products, the new products that are starting to trend this year are colored mink eyelashes and Russian eyelashes.

Colored Mink Lashes

The Colored Mink Lashes is to add a tuft or two of colored lashes to the original black lashes to make the lashes look different and more attractive.

Russian Eyelashes

Russian eyelashes have a more curly arc, and we also have eyelashes of different materials such as chemical fiber and mink for you to choose from.


Mini Hand Mirror

A must-have product when people wear makeup is a mirror. This mini mirror is also very handy when you need to touch up your makeup after you go out, and if you are in the eyelash business, you can also print your brand on it and give it to your customers for free.

We also have some quirky boxes that you can order if you’re interested in them.

Summer is coming, and it’s the season of travel and exclusives, so swimwear, bikinis and sunglasses are essential. There are too many styles on the market. If you know what the style you want looks like, you can ask me directly with a picture, and I will provide you with the best products and prices.

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