How to Part Your Wig Correctly According to Your Faceshape?

How to Part Your Wig Correctly According to Your Faceshape?

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This is one of the hair parts that’s easiest to achieve. It’s ideal for people with round faces because it elongates them. The attention shifts to the center and away from the side. It creates symmetry. Those who part their hair in the middle are said to have a balanced, even-tempered personality.

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Off-Center Part is a good option for women who want the center part, but would like it to look less severe. It’s ideal if you want to offset a strong feature on your face. It’s also great for women with a square face shape as it adds depth. Much like the center part, women who are sporting this style are flexible and balanced.
To part your hair off-center, using a rattail comb and part 1 to 2 cm away from the center or from the bridge of your nose. You can texturize each side using a scrunching product or make the ends wavy.

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The side part is the type of hair part that works with all face shapes. You can part it to your left or to your right and it will still look good on you. To create a natural look, you can finger through your hair to create the side part and see where it falls. You have the option to blow up one side for volume and tuck the other side behind your ear for a classic look. Switching sides often is also a trick to volumize hair and conceal thinning.

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No matter which type of the hair part, we can part it in a same way, just in a different place, so by following the steps below, you can create a part by yourself correctly.


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