How To Distinguish The Quality Of False Eyelash Vendors?

How To Distinguish The Quality Of False Eyelash Vendors?

This is necessary for you to distinguish between good and bad false Eyelash Vendors.

A. Make eyelash samples order
It is common and normal for sellers to praise their products, but honestly, their words must be more or less false. Therefore, the order of making eyelash samples is very important to you.
Generally speaking, the factory will provide you with samples for free. If you need free samples, you can contact us to get three pairs of high-end false eyelash samples.

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B. Repurchase
Please note! It is best not to buy back 3D mink eyelashes in large quantities, and it is best not to buy back 3D mink eyelashes in bulk, because some merchants give you some good samples, which may be replaced with inferior eyelashes when they arrive.

Custom Eyelash Boxes
C. Delivery time
This is an important indicator to judge whether your 25MM mascara supplier is professional. Generally speaking, professional suppliers have sufficient inventory and fast delivery, and there is no requirement for customers to customize eyelash boxes.

Custom Eyelash Boxes
D. Product price
Generally speaking, the better the quality, the higher the price. The price of the product fluctuates with the quantity. The more the quantity, the lower the price, except for limited editions. Of course, the choice of products is not determined by price, but by the combination of market, style and quality.

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E. Promotion
You must consult the salesperson for the special price of the corresponding product. The reason is as follows.
These special offers are provided by 25MM Mink Lash suppliers; however, some salespeople will not tell you about them for their own benefit.

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F. Service
An excellent eyelash supplier is to make sure to provide you with a good service. From the beginning of ordering, negotiation, design, payment, production, packaging, transportation, and after-sales service, there are professional, patient, and good service personnel to communicate. As far as our company is concerned, we can provide 24-hour service.


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