How To Clean Mink Lashes?

How To Clean Mink Lashes?

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Most of the time, you won’t find a need to clean your Mink Lashes.  Wearing false lashes prevents you from having to wear mascara unless you absolutely want to, and if you are careful with your eye makeup, you won’t really find that the makeup builds on the lashes.  However, you will need to remove the Mink Eyelash adhesive every time you remove your lashes.  This not only prevents leftover Lash Glue from building up on the lash band, but it reduces the risk of makeup attaching to the lash band as well.

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To clean the band, remove your Mink Lashes completely from your natural lash line–using a pair of tweezers or just pinching between your fingers is easiest.  The band is 100% cotton, and you should be able to easily see the thin line of Lash Adhesive that remains on the band.  Removing this is very easy, and the best method of removal is using your index finger and thumb, though you can use a cotton swab or Q-tip if you prefer.  Using these fingers, gently rub the adhesive from the lash band in a circular motion and pull downward gently.  Do not pull your fingers across the length of the Lash Strip, as this can compromise the integrity of the lashes, or even break them.

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Deep cleaning is super simple.  Once you’ve removed the lashes and attempted to remove the Eyelash Adhesive using the finger rub method, fill a small dish with soapy warm water .  Use a mild soap like face wash or even a mild shampoo or hand soap–don’t use cleansers or makeup removers.  Place your Mink Lashes in a small bowl of the soapy water and soak them for five to ten minutes.  The dirt, makeup, adhesive, and any other debris clinging to the lash fibers should come off easily in the water.

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Once you have cleaned your Mink Lashes, it’s important to set them in a safe, dry place to dry.  Your clean false lashes should dry very quickly, but if you store them on the same package insert in the original box in which they came versus just setting them on a paper towel, you can ensure they will dry to their original, curved shape.  That’s it, that’s really all you need to do to clean your false lashes!  To make sure you don’t have to clean your lashes any more than necessary, be sure to keep reading.

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