How To Care For Hair Extension?

How To Care For Hair Extension?

1. Comb Your Hair Before Washing And Going To Bed
Use a wide-toothed comb, a wig brush, or a special curved needle brush. The curved needle brush is designed for expansion and has ring-shaped bristles. Start by combing the hair from the ends, then comb into small sections to the roots. Do not comb straight from the root to the end.

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If you have just received your hair, please wait a few days before combing your hair. If you must comb your hair, comb it gently and avoid getting too close to the joints.

2. Wash Your Hair With Mild Shampoo Every Other Day
Rub the hair gently, and then apply the shampoo from the scalp to the ends of the hair, avoiding contact with the stitched parts as much as possible. Measure your hair with circular motion

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Ask the hair stylist that your stylist makes for you, which shampoo you should use. She might recommend the best shampoo for your hair and hair extension

3. Pay Attention To The Place Where The Conditioner Is Applied.
Apply the conditioner from just below the sewing part. If you apply too much conditioner to the area where the extension part is connected to the real hair, the extension part may fall off.

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4. Blow The Hair All The Way To The Roots.
When you sew on the hair extensions, you have twice as many hairs. It looks great, but it takes twice as long to dry. Make sure your hair is completely dry or you will risk loosening your hair.
Consider spraying your hair with heat protection spray first. This will protect your hair and your hair extensions from the heat of the hair dryer.

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5. Avoid Using Heat Styling On The Hair, Such As Straightening Or Curling.

If you have to heat and style your hair, use heat protection spray and medium to low temperature.
Don’t tie up your hair immediately after receiving the hair extension. Wait a few days.

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6. Cover Your Hair With A Net Or Night Cap Before Going To Bed.
This will protect your extensions and prevent them from curling or being pulled out while you sleep.

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