How To Apply Lace Wig?

How To Apply Lace Wig?

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Step 1. Make sure your hair is braided straight back, or on a very neat flat bottom.

Step 2. Put on your sock and cap and cover your hair and ears.

The reason we wear socks and hats is to protect our own hair, while protecting our edges and skin from the glue we will use.

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Step 3. Pull back the stocking cap and apply some invincible styling gel around the hairline.

Make sure to apply some gel on the temples to ensure that the wig does not lift up around the ears.

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Step 4. Put the sock cap back on your ears, then use your fingers or a rat-tail comb to press the cap into the gel to make sure the cap is stuck to the hairline.And make sure the sideburns are stuck.

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Step 5. Spray Got2B antifreeze spray on the top of the stocking cap where you want to stick the wig along the hairline. Take the comb and glue it down.

You can blow dry the lid to speed up the process and ensure that the gel and spray are cured and completely set.

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Step 6. Slowly cut the stocking cap along the hairline, as close to your own hairline as possible, so that the stocking cap just covers your own hair.

Apply a little more gel to the rolling area of ​​the hat and use your squirrel comb to remove it. Then blow dry again until completely dry.

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Step 7. Apply some liquid foundation that is slightly lighter than the skin tone on the entire edge.

This should make your hairline as seamless as possible and look like a bald head.

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Step 8. Put on the wig.

Adjust the wig to the position where you want the wig to sit, and tie the hair into a ponytail before cutting the lace.

Spray some extra spray along the hairline and blow dry the hairline again to ensure that the spray is completely set and dry.

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Step 9. Cut the lace to match your natural hairline.

Step 10. After cutting the lace, apply a little styling gel along the hairline, and use a mouse-tail comb to make sure everything is well and fixed, do not lift it, and then blow dry.

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