Why pay attention to eyelash cleaning?

First — and most important, for most people — is lash retention. If lashes come into contact with a lot of oil (whether it’s naturally occurring in the skin, or products that contain oil, such as micellar waters, oil-free makeup removers, waterproof makeup, and other skin care products), they usually don’t end up well. This is especially true if you don’t use a foaming cleanser to remove oil on a regular basis, because eventually it can start to degrade the adhesive, resulting in poor lash retention. Clean lashes last longer!


Second – eyelash health (which also affects eyelash retention) – when skin cells, makeup and oil/sebum build up on the lash line, some fun little creatures called Demodex (aka eyelash mites?) will host a show Big parties, which can lead to irritated lash lines, blocked follicles and lashes falling out. So clean those peepers and make sure your lash line isn’t a real feast for lash mites!

Third – comfort. Eyelashes that aren’t cleaned properly (where skin, sebum, oil, and sleep build up) can itch! The lash extensions shouldn’t feel like anything – so if your lash line feels a little itchy and irritated, better care may be needed. Cleaning your lashes every day will make them feel lighter.

Our salon offers a wide variety of aftercare products, including foaming cleansers, makeup removers, and eyelash growth serums (completely safe for lashes and works great!)

DIY Lash Extension

It sounds like the perfect solution. At-home eyelash extensions cost a minimal fee and you can do them yourself. It seems like a really easy alternative to going to the salon for professional eyelash extensions. Unfortunately, at-home eyelash extensions can be incredibly dangerous.

We have a tendency to trust the products we buy from the grocery store or pharmacy, but these products are not necessarily as safe or easy as they claim. Products that sell an adhesive with cyanoacrylate are dangerous when not handled by a professional.

Cyanoacrylate is the key ingredient used in the medical grade adhesive that binds the extension to the natural lash. If the product touches your eyes or skin, it can burn the skin or cause an allergic reaction. Under a professional’s care, cyanoacrylate is a fantastic adhesive to bond the lashes together, but it is incredibly risky to use without training.

If cyanoacrylate comes in contact with any sort of cotton fibers it will cause an exothermic reaction. These types of products are not safe to use unless you are professionally trained. Many at-home eyelash extension kits won’t reveal their ingredients to you for this reason. If a brand is recommending you keep the adhesive away from your skin, beware of the possible ingredients that will be dangerous for consumer use.

Many of these eyelash extensions come in clusters that are glued across multiple lashes. This may seem like a simple application process, but eyelashes grow at different rates. Therefore, if you glue a strip of lashes to a lash that isn’t ready to fall out (anagen stage) and one at a telogen (a lash that is ready to fall out), the telogen lash will pull the anagen lash that isn’t ready to leave your lash line yet. Professionals are trained to identify the natural lashes that are safe to apply extensions to, and the use of magnifying glasses help to perfectly isolate natural lashes to avoid disrupting the growth cycle

Too much pressure or pull on the lashes can result in traction alopecia. Traction alopecia can occur when hair is being pulled for a long enough period of time to cause permanent damage. Improperly attached extensions will cause pulling on the lashes over time and may leave you with bald spots in the lash line.

Tugging on the eyelashes can be intensified if the extension is too heavy for the natural lash. For example, a cluster of eyelashes glued to one eyelash will put so much strain on the natural lash that it will cause them to prematurely fall out or breakage.

Additionally, many at-home eyelash extension kits include professional-grade tweezers that feature a sharp point that is usually intended for artists to isolate one eyelash away from its neighbor. Having something so sharp close to the eye, while trying to keep one eye closed, is nearly impossible to safely apply lashes.

Artists go through intensive education on lash health and design to perfectly customize your set of eyelash extensions. They place one lash extension perfectly for every natural lash. They strategically select what size and length of lash safely fits your natural lashes. Lashing isn’t one size fits all business.

These drug store adhesives can be less durable than the professionals’ and cause premature shedding. Any adhesive without cyanoacrylate won’t have the same staying power as those that contain this bonding agent. At-home lashes claim amazing results with a long life span, but when you factor in their lack of customization and user error, the final look usually ends up less than amazing.

After looking more in-depth at these claims of easy, healthy, long-lasting DIY lash extensions, it’s hard to find the benefit outweighing the damage. Long story short, keep your natural lashes safe and DO NOT DIY. It’s not worth it.

Look great on your wedding day with Beimimr Lashes’ eyelash extensions

Many women dream of the perfect wedding. This is undoubtedly the most exciting time of your life, involving a lot of detail and planning. In the pursuit of perfection, you end up spending months thinking about the details; your bridal gown, decor, theme and color scheme, guest list, menu, etc. The list seems to be endless.

Of all these things, looking the absolute best should be one of your top priorities. While makeup will definitely elevate your wedding day look, having thick lashes is just what you need to take your look to the next level.

If you want to show off gorgeous, thick lashes to accentuate your eyes, then eyelash extensions are definitely the way to go. Since lash extensions don’t follow a one-size-fits-all rule, brides can completely customize their lash extensions look for their wedding.

Why eyelash extensions are great for weddings
Most brides-to-be and makeup artists usually opt for false lashes, however, professional lash salons will argue that lash extensions are the best option for the big day. That’s why eyelash extensions save time and are easier to manage.

In general, eyelash extensions are great for women who want to maintain a low-maintenance look in the morning. We know how busy the host’s wedding is; therefore, saving time on makeup on the wedding day can be very beneficial. What better way to save time than to get a gorgeous, low-maintenance extension from Beimimr Lashes?

When you visit your makeup artist, it often takes hours to get the final wedding look done. They treat your hair and makeup meticulously to help you achieve the perfect wedding look. It takes a lot of time to enhance the beauty of the eyes. If you opt for eyelash extensions ahead of your special day, your eyes will have a fuller look. Your battle is half won!

What’s more, not only will you look stunning with synthetic lashes during your wedding, but it will also help you get ready for your honeymoon. So whether you’re diving in the pool or skydiving, your luscious lashes will stay with you for at least 2 to 3 weeks. They don’t come off suddenly when you’re in all the fun and adventure. Plus, you don’t have to keep your sweetheart waiting while you spend hours putting on mascara, eliminating the need for excess makeup.

They look great in wedding photos
Long, fluffy, thick and luscious lashes always make eyes appear bolder and bigger; that’s why ladies opt for this technique before their wedding! If you like a natural look for your wedding, then the classic eyelash extension kit is the way to go. They will make your eyes look lively and beautiful in your wedding photos, and take a back seat to tired, tired eyes from pre-wedding stress.

Plus, if you happen to get emotional and shed a few tears on your wedding day, there’s no black streak to ruin your look. Once you’ve embraced lash extensions, you can say goodbye to false lash strips and mascara and enjoy your effortlessly flawless lashes.

You can customize the look of your lashes
Unlike false lashes or ribbon lashes, lash extensions can be customized to enhance the shape of the eyes and face. Each lash look is perfectly designed for the client; you can choose the right lash length, curl, color and thickness to adjust or enhance your natural lashes. If you want to add more volume and drama, then a full set of curling lash extensions might be the way to go.

The eyelash stylist decides the final eyelash appearance after considering the client’s needs and judging the condition of the natural eyelashes.

Multifunctional Popsicle Ice Roller

Do you know what is ice roller?Do you use that before?It is a very popular beauty tool right now. and has many functions.

【Multifunction】The Ice Roller For Face is suitable for all skin types,stick with using on face can brighten skin.remove fine lines,the face will smooth,white and tender skin.this Ice Roller will also tighten and shrinks pores,eliminates eye puffiness and eye bags,prevent wrinkles.

【Customize recipes】The Ice Face Roller can customize different recipes according to your skin needs, for example Green Tea for Inflammation,Lemon water for Brightening,Cucumber water for Eliminate Puffiness and Rose for Anti-aging benefits.

【Safety and Health】This Ice Face Roller is made by highest quality silicone materials,safety and durability. Suitable for all skin types.Can be used after facial treatments to help calm, soothe and reduce inflammation. Can also use to Physical cooling of fever, relieve pain for muscle strain or tension.

【Easy to use】This Face Ice Mold is very comfortable to hold,small and light design,easy to use and grasp, also the Facial Ice Roller head can slide on the skin.to improves skin gloss and leaves you glowing, and can also be refreshes and brightens & lubrication skin, making your skin more elastic and contraction.


How To Reuse False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes can be reused, but they can be said to have a “shelf life”. On average, false lashes start to degrade after four or five uses, and with proper care, your false lashes can last up to 20 uses.

In order to maintain the quality of false eyelashes, it is important to clean the eyelashes before use and store them properly after removal. Also, make sure to remove your lashes before going to bed, and make sure to keep them in a resealable package.

Custom Eyelash Boxes

How To Clean false eyelashes?

So, you might be wondering how to properly clean false eyelashes. Well, if you follow our simple step-by-step guide, you can make sure your false eyelashes stay clean and well-maintained. That’s it.

Step 1: Wipe Them
First, you need to wipe the false eyelashes. For this step, you’ll need a cotton ball (or two), a makeup remover, and a small bowl. Pour some makeup remover into a plastic or glass bowl, then soak a cotton ball in the makeup remover. After the cotton ball is fully absorbed, gently apply to the false eyelashes and clean until the makeup residue and eyelash glue are completely removed from the eyelashes.


Step 2: Wipe off eye makeup and glue
When using and reusing false lashes, the glue used during application can build up over time, so it’s important to clean your false lashes before applying them to your real lashes as part of a makeup look. Gently remove the glue until you see a natural lash band, keep your false lashes fresh and save them, repeating the process every time you remove your false lashes.

Step 3: Use another cotton swab dipped in warm water
Take another piece of cotton and dip it in warm water. Then, tap the false lashes to remove any remaining mascara. Removing every bit of buildup and mascara is a really effective way to keep them clean and fresh. Unfortunately, mascara shortens the life of your false lashes, so it’s important to remove every single mascara and avoid putting waterproof mascara on your false lashes, as they can take a lot of effort to remove.

Step 4: Sanitize
After cleaning your false eyelashes, it’s time to disinfect them. You can do this by soaking a cotton ball or pad in rubbing alcohol and dabbing it over the false lashes and strip.

Step 5: Let them dry
After cleaning and disinfecting false eyelashes, it’s time to let them dry. You can reshape your lashes while they’re wet, but after that, it’s important to let them air dry to prevent bacteria or mold from growing on your lashes.

Allow your lashes to air dry completely before reapplying, and avoid artificial drying products like a blow dryer – after all, you don’t want to apply dry, straw-like lashes to your makeup!

How to properly store eyelashes?

In order for your cleaned false eyelashes to last longer, preservation is key. For proper storage, preservation, and maintenance of your false eyelashes, you can store them in the packaging they came in, as long as they can be sealed. Alternatively, you can use a resealable bag or container to store your false eyelashes.

Once the lashes start to lose quality, it’s time to throw them away. But if you follow this guide, clean your false eyelashes regularly and the right way, and take extra care, they should last and look their best as long as possible.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Do You Want Do Your Own Lipgloss?

Do You Want Do Your Own Lipgloss?

Every woman has at least one lipstick or lip oil. Faced with so many demands, more and more people are starting their own lip oil business.
We specialize in a wide variety of empty lip oil bottles. You can choose the style you like, and we can also do private customization in small batches


the capacity of each bottle is 1.2 ml, nice containers for you to diy your cosmetics, the quantity is sufficient, you can share with your family member or friends; Note: please read carefully about the product sizes before you buy them

Mini size design: our refillable empty lip balm containers bottles are designed with mini size, which is lightweight and portable, allow you to put into your pockets, wallets, bag and more, can help you save spaces, convenient for you to carry and store

DIY empty tubes: our transparent mini lipstick containers are featured with transparent body, you can see the liquid in this bottles clearly, you can enjoy the fun of handmade and create a lipstick by yourself, suitable for different cosmetic, transparent design allows you to mark it by yourself, quickly find what you need

Wide range of usage: this lip gloss tube is suitable for various cosmetics or skin care products, such as lip gloss, lip balm, lip oil, suitable for beginner to practice, you can also take it when you are having a travel or trip, will bring you a nice using experience

Quality materials: these refillable empty lip balm containers bottles are made of quality plastic material, small and lightweight, portable and proper, help you choose your lip color when you want to match your different dressing styles

Just Let Me Know What You Need

Just Let Me Know What You Need

Beimimr Lashes has been engaged in the mink eyelashes business for many years, but with the new changes in people’s aesthetics and the development of fashion, we keep up with the trend of the times and constantly launch new eyelash products and other makeup tools and other products, and we also start to involve in clothing.

In eyelash products, the new products that are starting to trend this year are colored mink eyelashes and Russian eyelashes.

Colored Mink Lashes

The Colored Mink Lashes is to add a tuft or two of colored lashes to the original black lashes to make the lashes look different and more attractive.

Russian Eyelashes

Russian eyelashes have a more curly arc, and we also have eyelashes of different materials such as chemical fiber and mink for you to choose from.


Mini Hand Mirror

A must-have product when people wear makeup is a mirror. This mini mirror is also very handy when you need to touch up your makeup after you go out, and if you are in the eyelash business, you can also print your brand on it and give it to your customers for free.

We also have some quirky boxes that you can order if you’re interested in them.

Summer is coming, and it’s the season of travel and exclusives, so swimwear, bikinis and sunglasses are essential. There are too many styles on the market. If you know what the style you want looks like, you can ask me directly with a picture, and I will provide you with the best products and prices.

My contact is WhatsApp +8613335013473

New Style Wholesale Colored Lashes

New Style Wholesale Colored Lashes

Do you want to be eye-catching at a party and still wear regular eyelashes? The best eyelashes for queuing are here!

Colored Eyelashes are one of the most popular eyelashes in 2022, and there are many colors for you to choose from. Our lash designs include one tuft of colored lashes and two tufts of colored lashes, not all colored, that look good without being obtrusive.

Eyelash Vendor

Colored eyelashes can also help you match better makeup.

lash Vendor

Below are our best-selling eyelash styles for your reference.