Can Eyeliner Be Used As Eyelash Glue?

Can Eyeliner Be Used As Eyelash Glue?

Beimimr Lashes Lash Glue Eyeliner 

Black Magic Eyeliner, New Liquid Self Adhesive Eyelashes Eye Liner Pen, Best Waterproof 2 in 1 Eye Liner for Eye Makeup and Wear Normal Mink Eyelashes(black)

《Wanna A Perfect Eyelash Glue?》

lash glue liner

Lash Glue Liner

About this item
Magic LIQUID EYELINER: Get the perfect long-lasting cat eye look, It’s amazing eye makeup pen ,Adhesive eyeliner lashes paste pen. Not Eyeliner only.
EASY TO APPLY: Magic sticky eyeliner pen with strong paste ,Just put like normal eyeliner,Wait for it dry,then put lashes, easy to wear eyelashes. No need magnetic no need glue!
RELIABLE: Strong hold sticky lashes like the lashes glue , with natural looks, Strong and all day hold lashes.
GENTLE FORMULA :Formaldehyde-free, suitable even for sensitive eyes, It’s cruelty free cosmetics, Soft and quick dry.
FOR ALL LASHES : Lashes liner with lash adhesive for mink or any strip false / fake eyelashes.

《Where Should I Look For A Professional Mink Eyelash Vendor?》

lash glue liner

Mink Lash Glue Vendor

Beimimr Lashes Glue Liner Lash Adhesive is the world’s first lash glue/eyeliner that makes applying eyelash adhesive and false eyelashes absolutely foolproof!

Black or Clear lash glue glides on along your lashline, ready for your favorite falsies to adhere to for all day wear! All that was tricky about gluing on false eyelashes is a thing of the past! Multitasking liner and glue in one has a felt tip that glides on as eyeliner & performs like lash glue. Available in Black or Clear. Contact lens friendly.

lash glue liner

Custom Lash Glue With Logo

How to use them?

1. Apply to clean, dry eyelids free of moisture or makeup.

2. Starting with one eye, apply GlueLiner along your natural lash line, just like regular eyeliner.

3. Before the liner has a chance to dry on your eyelid, immediately apply your Mink lash strip band along the GlueLiner line. Pat to set lash strip in place. Repeat on your other eye.

Mink Lash Glue Liner


  • Store GlueLiner vertically, cap side down, to prevent drying out.
  • As needed, clean the felt-tip with a lint-free cloth and/or makeup remover to remove any residue.
  • GlueLiner is formulated to last all day, but oily skin might require reapplication during the day.
  • Line your lid generously, with as much GlueLiner as needed to create a sufficient base for the width and length of the lash band you will secure to it.

This waterproof self-adhesive eyeliner can hold your lashes up to 12 hours. This is not intended for longer use such as regular Lash Adhesive. Great for those who wear lashes and want to remove them after a few hours.

Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs, wash immediately with lukewarm water. Do not use if you are suffering from eye inflammation or conjunctivitis.

lash glue liner

Diamond Eyeliner Glue pen

ethylhexl, polyviynl, Propanediol, Styrene acryla, aqua, alcohol, glycerin.

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