Amazing!Is This Our New Drop Eyelash Box?

Amazing!Is This Our New Drop Eyelash Box?

If you want to be eliminated by the times, you must keep up with the pace of the times. Beimimr Lashes have always followed the footsteps of the times. We produce what is most popular on the market now.Because we are a very professional Eyelash Vendor of Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging, we have many years of production and sales experience, if you are interested in eyelashes and customized products, continue to look down

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Every once in a while we will update our box catalog, we will update and add new boxes, weed out those unselling styles, so we can ensure that the styles we have in stock are the most popular styles now, how do you choose none Will go wrong.

This is our latest drop box. It has been very popular since it was just sold. There are two styles of flip box and pull box. And the flip box has a mirror inside, you don’t need extra money, you can get a box with a mirror.

This is the catalogue of our new boxes. There are various styles, including tree patterns, snake skin patterns, fish scale patterns, and starry sky boxes, which can meet your different needs. And we can print your logo on the box and make a unique box for you.

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Different styles of boxes with different colors of water droplets make this box more eye-catching. People like beautiful things. Compared to buying a bare eyelash, a beautiful box can attract more customers for you.

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custom eyelash boxes

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