Why choose mink lash vendors

Why Choose Mink Lash Vendors

The difference between ordinary eyelashes and mink lashes:

1. The density is different. Mink lashes  is more dense than ordinary eyelashes.

2.Because of the difference of easy falling off, mink eyelashes are more difficult to fall off; ordinary eyelashes are more easy to fall off because of the of materials.

3. The prices are different. Mink lashes  are  more expensive because it is natural; ordinary eyelashes are generally made of man-made materials, which is cheaper.

Mink lashes first appeared in 2011 as a raw material for eyelashes. At that time, most of the market was artificial eyelashes, which we call ordinary eyelashes. However, the artificial eyelashes had no hair peak, the texture was not soft enough, and some poor chemical fiber hairs were not good for eye health.

Later, in order to better solve this problem and better solve the needs of customers, our factory focused on using mink lashes as raw materials. Mink hair is more similar to human hair in composition, soft in texture and natural in material, so it is more suitable for people to wear.


Nowadays, the mink lashes are  almost all from the farmed Siberia mink, and the best part for making eyelashes is the tail hair of mink. Generally speaking, the eyelashes made of mink hair are high-end goods in eyelashes.So to sum up, mink lashes is better, which is the biggest difference.

We never kill the mink!!!

We take good care of her healthy growth. We only take the hair that is naturally shed by the adult otter. So killing the mink to get the 2cm length of mink hair , it is not scientific to make the mink eyelashes!For us, killing a small mink is not advisable. lt is a loss-making business. We certainly will not do this.

We are a professional great quality of mink lashes and custom packaging boxes manufacturer,if you want 100% handmade and 100% Siberian mink hair,please contact us.


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