How to wear mink eyelashes

How to wear mink eyelashes

1.Essential supplies for wearing mink eyelashes

Eyelashes:First you have to choose a pair of high-quality mink eyelashes that suits you.

Mirrors:Then prepare the mirror,without it, you cannot put on mink lashes. It can be difficult to wear with a hand mirror, so use a table mirror so that your hands are free to adjust the angle.

Eyelash glue:False eyelash glue, also known as “adhesive glue”. Some false eyelashes come with glue attached, but you can also buy your own special glue in advance.

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scissors:Scissors are needed to trim false eyelashes. Please choose as small as possible, such as scissors for eyebrow trimming. Also, to avoid danger, do not use it near your eyes! Please use it carefully to avoid injury.

Tweezers:Prepare tweezers or epilation clips. If not, you can wear it with your bare hands, but it will be 100 times more convenient! Especially the flat front end is the best. The false eyelashes can be clamped securely and put on.

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2.Face 45 degrees to the mirror

First determine the configuration of the face and mirror. The best position is “place the mirror at a 45-degree angle.” With his face facing straight ahead, he could only look down at the mirror. It feels like moving the face without moving the mirror.

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3.Confirm left and right

After deciding on the configuration of the mirror and face, check the left and right edges of the mink eyelashes. Right eyelashes are slightly different from left eyelashes. Just remember that the “short-haired part” rests on your eyes and it is easy to distinguish.

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4.Apply glue to the roots of mink eyelashes

Then apply false eyelash glue (adhesive). The trick is to apply the glue “above the roots” of the false eyelashes. This will prevent the glue from sticking to the real eyelashes and make it easier to adjust the “warp” of the mink eyelashes.
Please note that the area of the glue should be “same width as the stem of the root” and carefully apply false eyelash glue. This step is more complicated, so focus on your fingertips.

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4.Follow the order of eyes → eyes → ends of eyes

After applying the glue, I will finally wear mink eyelashes on my eyes. Look at the mirror below and raise your eyebrows. This way you can see where the eyelashes are growing. Then follow the order of eye → eye head → end of eye, and paste mink eyelashes from the top extremely close to the growth boundary of real eyelashes.

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5.Please use eyelash comb or mascara to improve the adhesion after application

After the mink eyelashes are attached, you can use an eyelash comb or mascara to enhance the tightness of the true and false eyelashes. First use the eyelash comb to smooth the real and false eyelashes from bottom to top. Then turn to mascara. Apply mascara so that the “end of real eyelashes” and fake eyelashes look indistinguishable from each other, and you’re done.

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